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Advithri Technologies helps in shaping companies by integrating strategy, creativity, analytics, and technical expertise. In coordination with our clients, we turn ideas into products, which we design, develop and release to the market in such a manner that balances business needs and customer experience. We have helped our clients to adopt the agile principles across all business units and have built highly complex and apps for them, which has provided them with a new impetus in their day to day business activities. If you are looking for an android developer or android app development company, then you are in the right place. Focus on high quality, clean modular code, material designing, and best user experience have made us earn the complete trust of our clients subsequently developing a long term relationship with them.

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These days, mobiles have become the mainstay device in society, and are evolving immensely. For these advanced computing devices, mobile apps have come into existence. Mobile applications are made using the most compelling and dynamic mobile platforms accessible today. These platforms include Symbian, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS. Nevertheless, Google Android is growing with exceptional speed..
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Android has an extensive user base and has simplified mobile app development process. Enterprises leverage Android and create custom mobile apps that solve customer problems and increase value for their business.
The open source nature of Android has to be the most prominent advantage, which means the source code of the Development Kit (SDK) is entirely available for amendments as per the requirement of the developer. Developers can directly interact with the community. They have access to the best technology framework which results in faster development of applications and brings better opportunities for the app developers to earn more. Android supports Inter-Application Integration in which two different software can connect. This makes the Android platform attractive for handset manufacturers & wireless operators, resulting in faster development of Android-based phones.

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